Jharkhand Schemes for Migrant labours in COVID-19

Jharkhand Schemes for Migrant labours in COVID-19

Jharkhand government rolled out three different schemes ,targeting the rural parts of the states to provide livelihood to the eight lakh migrant labours who are expected to reach the state.

The three different schemes(in the year 2020-21) are –

  1. BIRSA HARIT YOJANA In which government aims to brings over 50,000 families under the scheme . under this, 10 families from every panchayat will be identified for planting sapling in and around their hamlets.
  2. NILAMBER-PITAMBER JAL SAMRIDDHI YOJANA Which aims on recharging the groundwater in the arid lands by building check dams.
  3. POTO HO KHEL YOJANA Which aims to hired workforce to build playgrounds in every panchayat and state.

The problems of unemployment is going to hit Jharkhand once the lock down ends, however even after the pandemic comes to an end, unemployment migrants works will be apprehensive to venture out of the states for jobs.

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