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Sample Project

Sample Project to help you understand the concept of the work. Few lines of the Sample have been typed for demonstration.

Application Form

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Term & Condition

  • Job Requirements:-
  1. It is a Part time (Home Based ) Data Entry Job
  2. You Must have your own Desktop/Laptop
  3. All data entry job to be performed on Microsoft Office Word
  4. File to be saved Word 97-2003 Document (*.docx)
  5. you are required to type the exact text from the left box to the blank box at the right
  6. The size of the text should be ’10’ and theme should be ‘Arial’
  7. The accuracy level to be maintained is <5 errors per page
  8. Zoom in/out to comfortably view and work in page
  9. Few words are cut or unclear. Leave hyphens”————–” where you cannot read
  10. If you use any type of software or any other shortcut technique to convert the data then directly your work will be blocked and firm will not give your second chance
  11. Data will be sent to a candidates via e-mail and after completion of work candidate needs to submit data on same e-mail id
  12. No of pages may vary depending upon your typing speed and accuracy level subject to your first assignment review
  13.  Timing of receiving data is 10:00 AM and you need to submit data back on next day morning before 09:00 AM
  • Registration
  1. Duly filled and signed registration form to be scanned and sent
  2. Along with registration form a self-attested copy of PAN & Aadhar has be send for completing the registration process
  3. One Passport Size Photo
  4. Registration charges are Rs. 500/- which is non-refundable
  • Payment
  1. we provide Rs. 7/- per completed page
  2. The cycle of payment is weekly
  3. Payment will be deducted for pages having more than 5 errors
  4. Mode of Payment is Google Pay/ Paytm/ Phone Pe And Bank Account
  • Declaration

I hereby agree to all terms and conditions stated above

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